Is there a Home delivery option available?

Yes, you can get your ride delivered to your home for a nominal fee which has to be paid at the time of booking.

Can I request a delivery service at my doorstep car delivery and return the same at a different location?

No. The car will be delivered and needs to be collected at the same address for a nominal fee. Our executive from RAS would wait for a duration of 15 minutes for collection and failure in the same would result in cancellation of doorstep delivery.

What if I am not around at the time of car delivery? Can my friend or a family member receive the car delivery?

No. The person who booked the delivery service can receive the car. You will always get a call from our executive 15 minutes prior to the delivery time. You need to have your original driver’s license at the time of vehicle handover and follow the checklist formalities.

I was away and missed the doorstep car delivery service. What now? What’s the status of my booking?

If you are occupied with some work or not available at the time of doorstep car delivery our RAS executive will leave and the delivery stands cancel. Your booking still holds up and you can receive your car by contacting our RAS executive.

I had requested a doorstep delivery but now I have changed my mind. How do I cancel the doorstep delivery?

Navigate to the ‘My Bookings’ section to cancel your doorstep booking. Any service that is canceled prior to 2 hours before the start of the trip will not be penalized. After 2 hours, you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to the doorstep delivery fee.

Can I buy the car insurance myself?/ Do I need to buy the car insurance myself?

You can avail of the commercial insurance for the car from our RAS’ partners. We offer service level agreements in place with the insurance providers for faster turnaround and maximum coverage.

Is it necessary to purchase the Road Side Assistance for the car?

Road Side Assistance allows the on-road repair and maintenance and towing of the car and it includes the fees to give you a hassle-free journey.

How does the car subscription look? How long can I subscribe to a car?

You can subscribe to a car for a period of 1 to 12 months depending on your requirements. The longer period you subscribe for the narrower is your monthly subscription fee.

Do your cars come with speed governors?

All cars are registered under the RAS car rental license that makes them commercial in nature. As per the Government norms, all commercial cars are fitted with speed limiters. So our cars come with a speed governor that limits the max speed to 80km/hr for a safe journey.

Is there any monthly limit on the KM usage?

We give you an average of 150 km per day while your subscription is active. In case you drive extra kilometers beyond the specified limit, RAS may terminate your subscription.