Terms & Conditions

RAS takes pride in being completely transparent with our members. Here is a comprehensive list of fees for certain scenarios after you have created your reservation.
Enjoy Free Cancellations upto 6 hours before the Booking start
If the cancellation happens less than 6 hours from booking start time, 50% of the booking fee will be charged as cancellation fee. If the cancellation happens post the booking start time, then the entire booking fee will be charged as cancellation fee.Enjoy Unlimited Free Booking Modifications
Please reach out to us or use the app if you would like to modify your booking. We allow unlimited free re-schedules and you can move your booking to anytime in the next 6 months. A small fee is charged if the modification is done in the last 6 hours from booking start time. Keep Zooming!

Reschedule before start #
Modifications prior to 6 hours from booking start are absolutely free of cost! A small fee (INR 200) is charged if the modification is done in the last 6 hours from booking start time.
Extension post start #
For Doorstep Bookings: Extension within 2 hours of Bookings End time will lead to cancellation of Doorstep Collection. No refunds applicable
Shortening post start
No charges or refunds applicable
Shortening/Rescheduling within 24hrs of booking start or booking end.
Customers will not be able to change booking start time or shorten the booking end time. No refunds will be applicable. Although Customers can anytime extend the booking.
Late Return
Late return would be charged on the basis of the amount of time for which the user is late. Late penalty will be much higher than normal booking fee.
Pricing plan change
Pricing plan (free km per hour) cannot be changed post booking creation. Pricing will be charged on an half hour basis.
Free Kilometres
The free kilometres allotted to the customer will be proportional to the number of hours booked and the flexi package chosen.
Minimum Duration
The minimum booking duration for which the prices will be charged is 4 hours.
Discount is applicable only on trips of a duration equal or greater than 8 hours at the time of booking. Discount is applicable only on the booking fee after adjustment for credits (excluding refundable deposit, if any) paid in advance to book the car. Discount will not be applicable on blackout days. List of upcoming blackout days / peak seasons is here (Please ensure that you select your city to view corresponding blackout days/peak season). RAS reserves the right to cancel a booking if any unwarranted use of a discount coupon is identified.
Fuel Policy
Free Fuel is only included in pricing for with fuel bookings. Members will only be eligible for reimbursement of fuel expenses upon the submission of a Bill containing the quantity of fuel filled, the date on which the fuel was bought and the cost of the fuel.
In case of No Fuel bookings, the vehicle should be returned by the Member, upon the completion of the booking, with fuel at the same level as at the start of the booking.
If the Vehicle is returned with lesser fuel than the fuel level at the start of the trip then Refuelling penalty will be applicable.
Speed Governor
The Vehicle may be enabled with speed governor in compliance with the applicable Government regulations, that limits speed of the Vehicle upto 80 km/h. You will also be notified by SMS on your registered number.
Breakdown of vehicle
1. The Member shall be responsible for the costs related to the repair, recovery, and loss of use of any RAS vehicle resulting from any of the foregoing, up to the current damage fee, as set forth in the Fee Policy / Rate Schedule (if such costs are because of the fault of the Member or if the fault is not directly established to any other person/ entity, or where any cost is not paid / reimbursed by the insurer of RAS vehicles or the insurer of the other vehicle involved in the accident).
2. Where the Member is not responsible for the breakdown of the RAS vehicle, RAS shall refund an amount equal to the cost of the unused hours of such booking. Further, RAS shall not be liable for any further costs borne by the Member as a consequence of the breakdown of the RAS vehicle
Usage of Driving Credits
Customers will be able to use Driving credits upto 30% of Booking amount (excluding refundable deposit, if any) or upto 10,000 whichever is lesser.There is individual expiry associated with all the credits in the system which is mentioned in the Credit Transaction Details page in app and website.


  • # Handover pursuant to the original booking, extensions and modifications are subject to availability of the vehicle.
  • Your free KMs are calculated based on the latest scheduled pick up time to the latest scheduled drop off time or to the actual drop off time whichever is later.
  • All Refunds made shall be through the original payment account only within 1 working day. We are giving full refunds of any amount paid by you as under:
    • as a security deposit and/or,
    • amount falling under the free cancellation period and/ or,
    • any other valid charges that you are entitled to.
  • In case, you opt for getting the refund amount in the form of RAS Coupons, then the amount you are entitled to receive will be considered as settled irrespective of whether the coupon is utilized or not.
  • RAS reserves the right to charge a fee for specific pre-defined accessories.

Also, a list of penalties that can be levied if members violate certain RAS community rules.

Returning the vehicle to the wrong location
₹10,000 + Full hourly fee for use of the vehicle + Full late fee until the vehicle is returned to the correct location
Traffic and Parking violations
Full payment of fines + ₹500 per 30 days late in payment
No Show
Bookings would stand cancelled if after 4 hours of booking start time the customer still doesn’t show up.
No refunds would be applicable
Overspeeding >= 125 km/hr
₹2500 (over and above any government fines that may have been levied)
Expulsion from RAS if overspeeding occurs in two bookings
Overspeeding >= 150 km/hr
Expulsion from RAS
₹1,000 + applicable damage costs related to interiors
Wrong Fuelling
The member will be liable for the full cost of damage to the vehicle + miscellaneous expenses arising out of the damages.
Recommendation- RAS would recommend that the member consult the RC Documents of the rented vehicle for information as to the correct fuel type.
Key not returned at end of reservation
EGP 2000 + replacement cost, if not returned within 3 days
Loss of documents
₹ 2000 if co-driver has not been added in the booking before booking start time.
Vehicle Damage (Accidental)
Any unintentional/accidental damage will be liable for the damage charges of ₹ 10,000/. For more details click here. *
Vehicle Damage (Intentional or Consequential)
In case of any intentional damage or damage caused to the vehicle as consequence of the member driving the car, even after the car is damaged and need urgent repair (Examples include but are not limited to:
a. driving in water loggings resulting into engine breakdown,
b. driving after under body damages resulting into engine break down because of oil drainage,
c. driving while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,
d. driving with clutch over pressing etc.
Member will be liable for the full cost of repair post damage to the vehicle + loss of expected revenue arising out of the damage.
Towing and Impounding
No cost if caused by vehicle failure
Full cost if caused by user negligence
Cleaning required (interiors)
Washing of removables (for footmats etc) would be charged at ₹500. Interior Washing / Drycleaning (for seat covers, door panels) would be charged at ₹1,500.

Note: Payments owed by members will be deducted from the security deposit. If the security deposit does not cover such payments, the balance must be paid by the member electronically.

*Please note there are four cases where there will be exceptions:

  • In the event the member is found to be under the influence of alcohol during a booking, the member will be held liable for 100% of the vehicle damage bill as per the invoice received from the vehicle workshop.
  • The member will be liable for 100% of the entire vehicle damage bill in the event that the vehicle workshop and/or insurance company deem the damage to be consequential in nature (this will be clearly stated in the accident report). Consequential damage occurs when the member continues driving even after an external vehicle impact, thereby severely undermining the condition of the vehicle.
  • In the event a non-RAS member is found to be the one driving at the time of accident, then the member will be held liable for 100% of the vehicle damage bill as per the invoice received from the workshop.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, only SUV vehicles are permitted for trips to regions having higher altitudes including but not limited to Leh or Ladakh districts in Jammu & Kashmir. Damages caused to the vehicles except falling under SUV (Ecosport, Scorpio, XUV, Tata Safari, Toyota Fortuner) category will attRASt charges viz; damages fees of ₹ 10,000 along with repairs cost, towing cost, travel cost of representatives of RAS and other related charges, if any on actual basis.

Member’s Responsibility

If a RAS member is violating the law or RAS rules, for example by overspeeding or driving drunk, the member will be responsible for all damage, liability, and fines and could face legal action.


Responsibility for Payment:
  1. Payments by Members shall be made with his/her credit card or debit card. The Member is under obligation to ensure that the account from which the amounts are to be collected have sufficient funds or credit available to cover any charges. Member is solely responsible for any associated bank or credit card charges or fees. Member may be charged a processing fee for a declined credit or debit card payment.
  2. In the event the Member defaults on any payments, RAS is entitled to charge reminder fees and default interest in accordance with the provisions of the law. In addition, RAS may utilize third parties to collect amounts owed to RAS by a Member.
  3. With all fees mentioned above, RAS reserves the right to prohibit a Member from making a subsequent reservation until all outstanding fees in the Member’s account have been paid in full. In the event a fee is incurred, Members will receive an email invoice from RAS that will have detailed payment instructions.
Collision or other incident:
  1. RAS provides full wrap unlimited third party liability insurance without a maximum cap.
  2. If member is involved in an unintentional/non consequential incident/accident (including but not limited to a collision or misuse of the vehicle) Member will be responsible for a standard insurance deductible payment of up to ₹ 10,000. The Member will be obligated to pay the repair cost up to ₹ 10000. The payment owed will be deducted from the security deposit, if any. Should the security deposit not cover the payment (in the case the Member has accrued late return, excess km, etc charges) the balance of the payment owed shall be payable by the Member separately as an additional outstanding.
  3. Member will be responsible for all towing and impounding charges associated with a collision.
  4. Member will be responsible for all towing and impounding charges caused by member failure.
  5. RAS will be responsible for all towing and impounding charges caused by vehicle failure.
  6. Member will be responsible for all applicable damages and costs, including those in excess of the applicable Damage Fee, arising from the Member’s failure to comply with the terms of the Agreement and/or a violation of the law.

  1. Members are responsible for paying all tolls at the time they are due.
  2. RAS vehicles are registered with an All India Permit, allowing the vehicle to enter any state in the country.
  3. Members must pay all inter-state taxes and fees upon entering into a neighbouring state. RAS shall reimburse the State entry fees only in the event when the Member pays for the duration of 3 months or more.


By joining RAS, the Member agrees to pay RAS the costs, charges, fees and expenses set out in the Agreement, including specifically and without limitation those set forth in this schedule. The following is not exhaustive and other specific fees, costs and charges may apply. Other applicable costs will be communicated to the Member. Capitalized terms used in this schedule shall have the same meaning assigned to such terms in the Agreement.

RAS reserves the right to change the terms of this Policy from time to time and shall give notice of such changes to the Member in a timely manner. Notice to the Members shall be considered given when such notice is indicated and accessible from the first page accessed after the Member log-on to the RAS website, or by email to the Member’s email address provided to RAS in the Member’s application or most recently provided to RAS. Member agrees that the amended terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be effective and binding the earlier of (1) the effective date indicated in such notice; or (2) on the date posted on RAS’s website.